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Industrial cold water machine storage insulation

Cold water machine, constant temperature trough and so on a series of refrigeration equipment work, are designed to the liquid storage. Most of the equipment is the medium of liquid, with no doubt, is another part of the liquid product, which is the center of the work. Liquid storage must be design by the use of an adiabatic, because of the characteristics of refrigeration products, insulation from theory to design are fully embodies the strength of technology.

cryogenic liquid handling equipment insulation type has a common type thermal insulation, vacuum powder ( Fiber) Type, simple type high vacuum, high vacuum multilayer ( Or more screen) Type such as adiabatic type.

adiabatic type choice, refrigeration equipment mainly depending on the storage medium temperature, pressure, rate of evaporation and the capacity of storage tank size and other factors, such as working conditions to decide. Boiling point is higher medium or large cryogenic liquid storage tank, by vacuum powder ( Fiber) Type or ordinary insulation type, pure high vacuum adiabatic mode, is suited to often want to return to room temperature, short-term storage of cryogenic liquid experimental container with the device.

ordinary adiabatic storage of high boiling point of the medium or large cryogenic liquid storage tank, can use ordinary insulation, such as liquid carbon dioxide, liquid such as ethylene and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Such devices have a single wall structure, there is also a double wall structures. Basically has expanded perlite insulation material, super fine glass fiber, polystyrene and polyurethane foam plastic, foam glass, etc.

thermal insulation structure, type structure of adiabatic effect and the adiabatic insulation materials, the density of water. Ordinary insulation used in cryogenic liquid handling equipment such as: industrial cold water machine, special attention should be paid to prevent moisture from the air into the thermal barrier. When designing and selecting insulation, need according to the actual circumstances of the cryogenic liquid taking consideration. At the same time also need to consider thermal insulation materials under low temperature condition of mechanical strength, shrinkage, thermal conductivity and service life, etc.

polystyrene, polyurethane foaming plastic and foam insulation materials such as glass, generally made from profile, fixed by adopting the method of adhesive in the walls of the storage tank or pipe, irregular parts can adopt the method of foamed, external plus moistureproof layer, fireproof layer and protective layer.

refrigeration equipment company, on the storage industrial cold water machine has its own technology, to ensure maximum use of cooling capacity, reduce loss minimum chengdu.
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