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Industrial cold water machine in the compressor work pressure?

Industrial water-cooled and air-cooled industrial ice machine points two kinds, the difference between the two lies in the industrial ice machine condensing way ( The cooling way) The compressor exhaust pressure at work ( The high pressure) Have a direct relationship with the cooling and inspiratory pressure ( The low pressure) Will have a direct relationship with chilled water temperature.

outdoor temperature 32 ℃ in summer and well ventilated condition, the high pressure water cooled in 14 ~ 18 kg / ㎝ & sup2; If belong to the normal range, super 22 Kg / ㎝ & sup2; , the unit will protect jump stop; High-pressure air cooled in 17 ~ 22 kg / ㎝ & sup2; Belong to the normal range, if exceed 28 Kg / ㎝ & sup2; Jump stop, will protect the crew.

compressor working at low voltage with the temperature of the chilled water and flow rate, general evaporator outlet for the 7 ℃, low voltage is 4 Kg / ㎝ & sup2; , when the water is 15 ℃, low voltage is 4. 8 Kg/㎝² Or so, when the water is 20 ℃, low pressure for 5. 3 Kg/㎝² The left and right sides. Is directly proportional to the compressor shut down when the pressure is also with the temperature, the summer is usually 10 ~ 11 Kg / ㎝ & sup2; And winter is 8 ~ 9 Kg / ㎝ & sup2; 。
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