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Industrial cold water machine high and low voltage fault alarm

Industrial cold water machine of high and low voltage fault alarm is refers to the abnormal need timely treatment, like people, the body uncomfortable, the corresponding parts will warn you! Manufacturer analysis summary for you is as follows:

a, cold water machine high pressure alarm reason:

1. Cooling water is not open, very easy to solve this problem, but it is often wrong. Solution: please open the water valve.

2. Cooling water flow rate is too small or too hot. Solution: increase the cooling water flow or lower water temperature ( Cooling water - allow 21 degrees 38 degrees) 。

3. Condenser copper pipe scale, small size, heat dissipation is poor. The solution: cleaning condenser copper pipe.

4. There is too much cold media. Solution: discharge excess industrial ice machine ( R22)

5. Spend big expansion valve to open. Solution: decrease the expansion valve opening, the compressor thermal relay protection switch ( RESTET) Press, find out the reason after restarting.

2, cold water machine low pressure alarm reason:

1. Lack of industrial ice machine, solution: leak detection, pipe joints have a leak? Add industrial ice machine after repair.

2. Filter blockage, solution: unpick and wash or replace filter.

3. Condenser copper tube fouling, size has shrunk, poor heat dissipation. The solution: cleaning condenser copper pipe.

4. Spend little expansion valve opening, the solution: decrease the expansion valve opening, high and low voltage protection, automatic reset.
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