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Industrial cold water machine energy regulation

Generally the energy of the screw refrigeration compressor adjustment range is 10% 100%, and for stepless adjustment. In the process of energy regulation, screw refrigeration compressor refrigerating capacity and power consumption in the whole energy range is not proportional relationship adjustment. When refrigerating capacity in more than 50%, power consumption is proportional to the refrigerating capacity approximate relationship, while under low load operation power consumption is bigger. Therefore, from the energy saving consideration, screw refrigeration compressor load ( The refrigerating capacity) Should be above 50% under the condition of running is advisable.

single screw refrigeration compressor with simple structure, less parts, light weight, high efficiency, little vibration and low noise advantages, since its launch soon in the middle and small refrigeration and air conditioning and heat pump device has been applied. At present, the single screw compressor has open and semi-closed two kinds, matching motor power for 20 - 1000千瓦。 With the mobile from and star wheel, cyclical changes in the size of the primitive volume. Single screw compressor no suction, exhaust valve and main parts are six in an outer cylinder milling spiral rotor of the screw. Vertical symmetrically arranged on both sides of the screw is exactly the same star wheel. One end of the single screw and motor straight league, in a horizontal direction, and drive 2 elder brother star wheel in the opposite direction.
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