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Industrial cold water machine

Industrial cold water machine commonly known as industrial refrigerating machine, ice water machine, industrial cold water machine, industrial cooling machine, etc. , are widely used in industrial production. Industrial cold water machine mainly includes four main parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator, throttling device. The four parts perfect cooperation, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

so, four donkey kong industrial cold water machine is how to work, how to accomplish the mission of cool?

one of the four big king kong industrial cold water machine & ndash; — The compressor, the compressor is the core of the entire refrigeration system components, is also a refrigerant compression of the source of power. It is the role of the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, the refrigerant compression.

the second industrial cold water machine four & ndash; — Condenser: the role of the role of the condenser and evaporator completely on the contrary, it is to get back to liquid refrigerants, provide liquid refrigerant to the evaporator. In the working process of the compressor, can produce high voltage and low voltage, high pressure industrial ice machine will evaporate, low pressure refrigerant condensation. The condenser's main purpose is to let the refrigerant absorbs heat lost to achieve the effect of condensation.

one third industrial cold water machine four & ndash; Evaporator: evaporation needs to absorb heat, industrial cold water machine the evaporation physical process where is it absorbs the heat? Since that cold water machine, so, of course, is to absorb the heat of water. Extension pattern of industrial cold water machine, for example, the evaporator is used brass round plate, coil and configuration of tank work together, using the refrigerant sucked in the copper tube heat of hot water.

one of industrial cold water machine four four & ndash; — Throttling device, namely, expansion valve, expansion valve in the cold cold water mechanism system is not only the flow regulating valve, throttle valve in cooling equipment, it in the refrigeration equipment installed in the filter drier, between the evaporator and its thermal bag is wound in the evaporator outlet. Its main role is to make high pressure under normal temperature of the refrigerant liquid flows through the heat expansion valve throttling depressurization, into the low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor enters the evaporator, vaporization heat within the evaporator, and achieve the goal of refrigeration cooling.

it is one of the four harmonious cooperation, industrial cold water machine to attain the goal of cooling.

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