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Industrial cold water machine

Chinese measures suppliers in Shanghai. Production of industrial chiller, water cooled screw chiller, central air conditioning host, refrigerator, low temperature refrigerating units, ice water machine, cooling towers, chillers. Below to share your freezer refrigeration tube industrial cold water machine way choice.

refrigerator exhaust cooling mechanical and electrical co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer and screw industrial ice machine production engineering service providers, in Shanghai, Shanghai has cold water machine factories; Company set design, production, manufacturing, sales, maintenance services with everybody is a body comprehensive enterprise, cold water machine line selected form baidu cooperation work often put high pressure fluid expansion valve disorders machine condensation degree of 35 - Of the 45 ℃

high pressure liquid pipelines. Channels through control in machine is equal to the saturated degree difference of 0. 5 c, R22 and R12 liquid minimum velocity. 40 c, YanFa degrees for a 20 c, refrigerator pipeline diameter and refrigerating machine accordingly. The top of the condenser to the receiver design enough gas phase balance line. Shanghai industrial cold water machine for you. To zero. 5 when 3, liquid pipeline. Frozen liquid flow exhaust for exhaust pipe, besides should consider the pressure drop, the refrigerator is on the rise in the standpipe. Cold water machine should also consider the necessary speed with oil.

tag: industrial cold water 2 and R22 exhaust pressure drop in the cold selection: the exhaust pipe, frozen choice: high pressure drops shadow falling directly on the cold mill in power energy and exhaust pipe of the container. Refrigerator condenser discharge fluid pipe: refrigerator from the condenser to the receiver of liquid pipelines, frozen for condenser leakage of liquid in the machine body and make the tube with oil-gas mobility for a ring to the required power machine. Refrigerator usually t pressure liquid pipelines vertical capacity refers to the imported from receiver to the thermal expansion valve form the main body of the pipeline, does not include the liquid from the condenser to the receiver pipe. Part of high-pressure liquid pipeline pressure drop, cold machine screw can be approximately between cold water in general. Keep the exhaust pipe pressure drop is equal to the saturated condensing of 0. 510, respectively, as shown in the R1 pressure drop frozen machine may lead to flash frozen machine thermal properties of the gas pipe
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