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Industrial cold water machine

Industrial cold water machine, preferred.

industrial cold water machine, is a professional cold water machine, used for industrial production is set research and development, production, sales as one of professional factory in cold water. According to the industry, the application of cold water machine industry is very broad, such as laser cold water machine, injection molding machine, cold water format cold water machine, laser industrial ice machine, sculpture, cold water machine, etc. These industry production and cold water machine. Refrigeration equipment has rich experience in production of industrial cold water machine, industry more than large manufacturers have cooperation.

because the process of industrial production, the requirement to the cold water machine is higher. Must overcome the problem such as high temperature and long term load, strong corrosion. Refrigeration equipment, improve the industrial use of research and development independently, cold water machine, in technology, improve the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine, and guarantee the stability of the cold water machine, ensure the long-term work of the wear and tear, all stainless steel body, very good deal with ph value of the liquid medium. Airframe adjustment, internal structure is compact, the guarantee work efficiency at the same time, change the cold water machine the fuselage area, more save space.

industrial cold water machine is your good choice to industrial production. For details, please contact: - 021 51083925
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