Industrial application fields of fridge

by:CBFI     2020-10-07
Industry refrigerator is also called the ultra-low temperature freezer, it is a way of using air-cooled refrigeration large cryogenic refrigerator, also known as industrial ultra-low temperature freezer, cryopreservation box industry.

industrial refrigerator application:
1. Used for low temperature materials, environmental testing, assessment materials and parts used in the industries under the environment of low temperature preservation and use of the adaptability test, test their various performance indicators.
2. Cold treatment used in metal materials, refined metal internal crystal phase structure, eliminate the internal residual stress, and can precipitate carbide particles, increase the hardness and toughness, improve overall mechanical properties of metallic materials.
3. Used for precision assembly, without heating, strong adaptability, high assembly quality.
4. For parts and low temperature testing machine, testing work performance, life and reliability index.
5. Used in food industry, fishery and other industries large quantities of cold processing.

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