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Industrial and laboratory chiller temperature controller

A, the principle of temperature controller

industrial cold water machine, laboratory cold water temperature controller is mainly mechanical and electronic.

mechanical adopt two layers of different thermal expansion coefficient of metal pressed together, the temperature change, the degree of curvature of he will change, when bending to a certain extent, the connected ( Or disconnect) Circuit, makes the refrigeration ( Or heat) Equipment work.

electronic by thermocouple and platinum resistance temperature sensor, the temperature signal into electrical signal, by single-chip microcomputer and PLC control relay circuit makes heating ( Or refrigeration) Equipment work ( Or stop) 。

there are mercury thermometer, temperature to have contact and mercury through.

2, the classification of the temperature controller

in the thermostat manufacture principle, the thermostat is divided into:

a. Relay, snap action thermostat: various models of collectively KSD, common such as KSD301 KSD302, such as the thermostat is a new kind of product, the bimetal thermostat mainly as all kinds of electric heating products overheating protection, usually used with thermal fuse series, snap action thermostat as the level of protection. Relay, while the thermal fuse Lou loss or failure cause electric heating element overtemperature, since as a secondary protection, effectively prevent burn out electric heating element and the fire caused by the accident.

2, liquid up thermostat: is that when the temperature of the controlled object changes make the thermostat temperature area ( General is liquid) The physical phenomenon of a corresponding heat bilges cold shrink, Volume change) , with heat connected with bellows expansion or contraction. To the lever principle, lead to switch on and off, to achieve a constant temperature fluid expansion thermostat with accurate temperature control, stable and reliable, open stop temperature difference is small, big range to adjust control temperature control, such as large overload current performance characteristics. Fluid thermostat is mainly used in home appliance industry, electric equipment, refrigeration industry such as temperature control occasion.

3, thermostat, pressure change thermostat through the airtight of the bulb filled with heat and the capillary, transform was charged with the change of the temperature stress for the space or the change of volume, meet the temperature set point, through the elastic element and the occurrence mechanism, automatic close contact, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control. It consists of temperature, temperature setting main body, the implementation of open and close micro switch or automatic door of three parts. Pressure thermostat is applicable to refrigeration equipment ( Such as a refrigerator freezer, etc. ) And the heating device, etc.

4, electronic temperature controller, electronic temperature controller, Resistive) Is a method to measure the thermal resistance, generally USES the white gold, copper, tungsten and thermal resistor as temperature resistance, the resistance have their optimal point. Most of general family expenses air conditioning use thermistor type.

3, cold water machine using temperature controller

main functions:
2 used digital display precision temperature control, set button control values, corresponding load automatic control to adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment

technical features:
power supply voltage: AC220V, 50 - 60 hz

control output: 5 a, 250 vac ( Impedance load)

display device: LED display

set temperature: 0 ~ 99. 9 ℃

set back to the poor: 1 ~ 9 ℃ temperature,

fine degrees: temperature & plusmn; 0. 5 ℃

control mode: upper limit and lower limit

the environment temperature: - 10 ℃ to 70 ℃

environment humidity: 45 to 85% RH

mechanical life: at least 3000000 times

built-in alarm buzzer, overtemperature automatic ringing when

communications, powerful, easy to realize remote control ( Optional features)
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