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Industrial air cooled chiller use matters needing attention and improvement in plateau

Cold water vendors would conclude industrial air cooled chiller for you use matters needing attention and improvement in plateau. In plateau area, due to its special climate and geographical environment, climate dry lack water, river scarce; Thin air, big temperature difference between day and night, with an average annual temperature is lower and the noon time of prone to extreme heat in the summer. Common cold water machine of water and wind cold water machine in this climate conditions can be difficult to apply, unable to meet the requirements of industry of refrigeration/cooling, on the premise of water cooling machine is congenital restriction, how to improve the air cooling machine which can satisfy the plateau area of industrial cooling/requirements in the field of frozen, it is particularly important. Due to the thin air in plateau area, this will allow air cooling machine under the condition of normal cooling, condensing pressure カ rise, reduce the efficiency of the unit; And day and night temperature difference is big, will make カ condensing pressure fluctuation amplitude of the unit is too large, affect the stability of the unit operation; And the unit running in low temperature environment for a long time may make high pressure can not be established due to transition of cooling, at the same time also has the potential to low voltage is too low; If in the summer heat can also cause insufficient cooling heat dissipation, condensing pressure カ rise.

air-cooled industrial cold water machine is suitable for use on plateau climate improvements include using line in turn connected to form a industrial ice machine loop compressor, condenser, high pressure accumulator, Angle valves, filters, expansion valve, evaporator, and respectively connected to the evaporator and the user at the tank. Expansion valve and the connection between the evaporator tube road also has by-pass pipe connected to the compressor exhaust pipe, the by-pass pipe road, in turn, concatenated with solenoid valve and check valve, the solenoid valve and set in the low pressure switch on the compressor muffler are connected; The connection between the compressor and condenser pipe branch set on electromagnetic valve; Compressor exhaust pipe set on a number of high pressure switch, it respectively connected to speed fan and solenoid valve. The industrial air cooled chiller improvement of simple structure, stable performance, without being limited by the water, wide application area, large temperature fluctuations can be overcome and poor working environment, effectively meet the demand for industrial cooling water in plateau area.

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