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Indonesia tube ice machine case sharing

Indonesia tube ice machine case sharing


Today I will introduce to you how one of our Indonesian customers recognized and purchased our ice machine.

Indonesia is abbreviated as Indonesia, which is a Southeast Asian country. With a population of 262 million, it is the fourth most populous country in the world. It is also the largest archipelago nation in the world. It has a coastline of 81,000 kilometers and a water area of 5.8 million square kilometers. The fishery resources are very rich, with as many as 7000 species of marine fish.

Indonesia is blessed with a unique fishing environment. Young client A wanted to follow the trend and also do fishery business at the beginning. After all, this is one of the countries with the highest fish production in the world, with an annual output of about 15 million tons, and the total export value of fish. For 3.11 billion U.S. dollars.

After observing the market for a period of time, Customer A found that the industry is very competitive, with several large companies occupying the main market, and the rest are small merchants and hawkers.

In the previous process of investigating the fishery market, customer A found that whether it is fresh fish just caught or all kinds of seafood that will be transported on the dock, a lot of ice is needed to keep it fresh.

But what kind of ice is better?

Customer A finds that most of the ice used on the dock is crushed ice. Although the price of crushed ice is relatively high, it is always easy to stab the surface of some of the more fragile seafood, which leads to the poor presentation of such seafood, and relatively high-end restaurants are unwilling. Buy. In addition, the equipment for making crushed ice is relatively large and usually requires several people to operate it.

Customer A consulted Bingquan on the Internet and talked about his findings on the dock.

According to customer A’s description, the Bingquan salesperson suggested that customer A could buy a tube ice machine to sell ice. One is that the tube ice is hollow and cylindrical, with a smooth surface without edges and corners, and will not stab the surface of seafood. In the market where ice is used for crushed ice, it will have a certain degree of competitiveness; second, Bingquan’s tube ice machine is fully automated production, PLC intelligent control, and does not require too much labor cost.

Customer A said that he wanted to buy a 15-ton tube ice machine first, but after making a purchase request, Customer A disappeared for a long time.

When customer A contacted us again, he said that he would buy two tube ice machines! One is 15 tons and the other is 20 tons.

It turned out that during the period when we were unable to contact customer A, after listening to our suggestions and analyzing, customer A wanted to open a relatively large-scale ice factory directly, so he persuaded several of his friends to invest together.

In the process, his friends once proposed to buy a tube ice machine from an American manufacturer, believing that the quality of European and American products would be better.

Customer A insists on buying Bingquan products. He feels that Bingquan is not only selling ice machines, but more importantly, being able to put himself in his position, and help him collect local information to plan the future of his business, calculate the annual rate of return on investment, and give a lot of pertinence based on local policies. To avoid investment and experience risks. There are both professional team to plan the scheme, and engineers can come to help with the installation throughout the whole process, the one-stop service is very worry-free.


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Later, he and his partner once again listened to the introduction of the Bingquan salesman, and after watching our equipment and the ice production together remotely, they confirmed the purchase list.

In a later customer return visit, customer A said that Bingquan’s tube ice machine was operating very stably, and the ice produced was very popular in the local terminal market.

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