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In the production of cold water machine, capillary using matters needing attention

Is the total filling volume and filling refrigerant chillers are important factors to consider in the design of low voltage side. Make its operation performance is the best filling amount shall be the total amount of filling the minimum, but considering the changes in the distribution of refrigerant in the operation of the chiller, should ensure that run the best filling amount, plus a certain filling margin, the industrial ice machine in the evaporator, refrigeration dose up during downtime, at least at run time, in order to reduce or eliminate the refrigerant distribution changes caused by the adverse effects, sometimes must be in the suction set a small set of liquid package.

in the cold water machine, suction tube heat exchange with the capillary, redundant capillary should be wound up, as for the one side of the heat exchanger, although put extra capillary on one side of evaporator of heat transfer would be more effective, but if put on this side of the condenser, will help to improve the stability of the system. Bending and coiled capillary attention should be paid to reduce the local resistance, can not put all capillary at or near the evaporator in ordinary gas-liquid exchanger fluid pipe, if such arrangement is to enter the suction of a sufficient volume of the refrigerant dominate heat exchanger heat transfer relation between high and low pressure test, the operation of the system caused by serious instability, because the liquid suction tube, the capillary liquid refrigerant before cold enhancement, makes capillary liquid ability gets bigger, the result is too little cold water machine the liquid accumulation in the condenser.

cold water machine:
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