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In the basic use of cold water machine

First of all, we at the time of open the machine, all of the mechanical equipment the first should be the pump running, the pump if it is not running easily resulting in failure of frosty evaporator, etc. When the pump running attention should be paid to the diversion of water pump is correct, such as forward can be switched on, reverse phase inversion, explain the power wiring and phase sequence must be replaced for the start. The cooling fan, also should pay attention to whether it is a reversal phenomenon. Compressor if appears wrong phase will be making new sounds. And of course our machine is equipped with a three-phase protector, if appear fault phase and phase machine control circuit will automatically jump to open, and issue a report to the police. Machine condenser is to often clean up the place, because some machines in outdoor, environment more bad, easy to cause the condenser in besmirch, lead to condensation effect is not good. If the machine is in indoor should assure indoor have good ventilation environment, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Were it not for emergency shall not be by cutting off the main power supply unit to shut down; If the unit in winter to stop using for a long time, the first shut down the unit, and then shut down the main power supply, and the water is put in the system. Then the inside of the machine parameters are set up in the machine before they leave the factory, no special circumstances do not need to change, if you want to change need to contact the company technical department in advance.
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