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In recent years, my country’s refrigeration technology has developed rapidly


In recent years, my country’s refrigeration technology has developed rapidly

   There are still many gaps in the research on the energy efficiency of my country’s ice making machines. From the perspective of my country’s overall environment, it is a national policy to build an innovative country with a good environment , For the faster development of the ice machine industry, creating excellent conditions in terms of policy. Although my country's refrigeration technology has developed rapidly in recent years, compared with developed countries, we still have a lot of room for development in terms of machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. There are still gaps in the research and development of refrigerants and the energy efficiency level of ice-making machines.

   First of all, the refrigeration compressor and ice-making components of the key part of the ice machine. The refrigeration compressor companies with international brands are mainly concentrated in Europe, America and Japan. In recent years, they have been developing screw refrigeration compressors. On the other hand, my country has also made considerable progress. The screw refrigeration compressor technology jointly developed by Xi'an Jiaotong University and Yantai Binglun Group Co., Ltd. won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and its energy efficiency and noise indicators have reached the international advanced level. . The semi-closed or open piston compressors and screw compressors used in industrial and commercial ice machines. The main domestic brands used in my country are from Dalian Bingshan Group (Wuhan New Century), Yantai Binglun Group, Shanghai Tianfeng Industry, and foreign countries. The company's joint venture or wholly-owned brands YORK, COPELAND, BITZER, Dunham Bush, etc. in China.

   Although domestic refrigeration compressors have made great progress in technical level and processing technology in recent years, due to the use of component materials, processing accuracy, assembly technology and other issues, the technical level of foreign brands is still relatively low. There is a certain gap, which is reflected in the high failure rate, large noise, and bulky appearance; in the ice-making parts, the research and development of the efficiency of the evaporator, the application of new materials, the machining accuracy of parts and materials, etc. should be strengthened. With 'ice' widely used in nuclear power, water conservancy, hydropower, chemicals, mines, printing and dyeing, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, construction, supermarkets, food processing, fresh-keeping storage, ocean fishing, restaurant chains, hotels, entertainment venues, biological experiments and other fields Application is gradually playing an important role in the comprehensive improvement of people's living standards and economic development. After decades of innovation and development, my country's ice machine product technology and brand development are now striding to the forefront of the world.

   The 'China Ice Maker Procurement Catalog' established by the Beijing Institute of Refrigeration has now aroused a strong response across the country, and has been praised by experts, companies and media from all walks of life as a more systematic and complete history of China’s ice making industry. , The first book with a certain influence. The 'Catalog' provides a valuable reference for distributors, purchasing terminals and readers to understand ice-making products and enterprises, allowing consumers to have a clearer grasp of ice-making machine performance, usage and maintenance knowledge, which is helpful to promote ice-making in China The overall development of the machinery industry has played an active role in promoting.

   Recently, many manufacturers and users have called and sent letters to the society and website to report, requesting to continue to compile the 2012 version of the 'Catalog'. To this end, in response to the requirements of the majority of enterprises and users, it is determined after research that the 2012 'China Ice Maker Procurement Catalog' will be published in March 2012. We will continue to do a good job of editing with high quality, high credibility and high security based on the principle of fairness and justice. In order to attract more users and readers, we will add 'new products and new technologies' to promote new products and technologies, 'brand interviews' to share successful experiences, 'distribution stories' to understand agency demands and listen to 'user voices' and other columns.

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