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In order to avoid refrigerant leakage in the ice machine, what kind of refrigerant is generally added?


 After many friends bought the ice machine, the ice machine has a refrigerant (refrigerant) leak, and they don’t know what refrigerant to add. Here is a brief introduction to what kind of refrigeration the ice machine generally uses Agent refrigerant.

What type of snow (refrigerant) should be added to the ice maker? There are mainly these types of refrigerants in the market now. 1. Ammonia (code name: R717), 2. Freon-12 (code: R12), 3. Freon-22 (code: R22), 4, R-134a (code: R134a), 5. R-404A refrigerant, 6, R-410A refrigerant.

What type of refrigerant (refrigerant) are generally added to the ice maker? Take Lier ice maker as an example.

  1, edible pellet ice machine, daily production of 30kg-60kg ice machine with R134a refrigerant.

  2, edible pellet ice machine, with a daily output of 70 kg-1 ton ice machine with R404a refrigerant.

  3, flake ice machine, daily production 300kg flake ice machine with R22 refrigeration Agent.

  4. Flake ice machine, 500kg-50 tons per day flake ice machine with R404a refrigerant.

  The ice maker manufacturer reminds you that if the cbfi ice machine has a refrigerant leak, if you don’t know what type of refrigerant to add, please contact the manufacturer to provide you with refrigeration Reagent refrigerant models to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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