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In many ice machine markets, how should we buy a good snowflake ice machine?


The ice type of the snowflake cbfi ice machine is relatively wet and cold, with a moisture content generally between 15% and 25%, a temperature slightly lower than zero, good ductility, and very easy to pick up and deposit. The ice making behavior Unshaped fine particles of snowflake-shaped crushed ice can penetrate into narrow gaps, cooling faster, ice baths are easy to use, dedicated to laboratory planning, very suitable for biological science, medicine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, inspection and testing laboratories application.

1) Snowflake ice maker adopts 304 stainless steel plate casing, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and simple, saving indoor space.

2) The shell heat insulation board is made of fluorine-free polyurethane foam, which is good for heat insulation and heat preservation. The inner tank is of fluorine-free antibacterial type, which is green and environmentally friendly.

3) The use of high-efficiency R134a CFC-free refrigeration compressors, parts and components are monitored by SGS enterprises, in line with the European Community RoHs environmental protection order.

4) Commonly used household appliances safety parts have 'TUV' or 'VDE' safety verification, verifying the parts and components, can be trusted.

5) The entire ice making process is controlled by a computer system, imported computer chips, reliable operation and stable operation.

6) Using Spanish technical Haitec two-stage reducer, low noise, stable and reliable operation. There are heat pipe radiating holes and centrifugal fan under the top of the cbfi ice machine to ensure that the reducer motor can operate reliably even under extreme high temperature standards.

7) The row-cavity diaphragm type ice-making air-conditioning evaporator of professional and technical personnel is adopted, which has high cooling efficiency and large ice production.

8) Spiral hob extrusion molding ice making form, compact structure, keeping ice and water separated automatically. The reliable design of the tooth surface of the ice skates makes the ice shape fine and easy to use.

9) The unique water storage tank pump pressure switch type water leakage system software ensures that there is no residual water, no ice melting process, no water loss, no residual water, water saving, environmental protection and energy saving.

10) Snow cbfi ice machine has defensive shutdown functions such as full ice display information, low water display information, low temperature maintenance display information, and common failure warning display information. The ice machine will automatically shut down when the ice is full and there is little water, and it will automatically turn on and off when the phone comes in, and it has the ability to automatically restore memory.

11) The ice made of fine particles of flake ice with irregular behavior, the ice shape is small, can penetrate into narrow gaps, the cooling is faster, the ice bath is easy to use, and is committed to laboratory planning.

12) The front side is equipped with a power switch and a function indicator light, a comprehensive and detailed operation guide, and a visualized and convenient application. Various safety index values u200bu200bhave been tested by electrical performance products, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

13) The long-term ice-making performance monitoring and adjustment before the original factory ensures the high-quality performance of the product.

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