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The equipment will have a bad day. After a long time of application, the equipment will of course continue to be damaged, showing that the actual effect of the old application is not as good as the past! The ice machine machinery and equipment are made by the ice machine system The software and circuit system constitute, once the ice machine machinery and equipment have problems, the first two system software must be considered. There are only two reasons for the abnormality: one is the problem inside the equipment, and the other is the problem outside the equipment or the problem caused by the destruction of the surrounding environment. In fact, when there are problems in the machinery and equipment, the methods of asking, touching, watching, listening, and checking are selected for the initial verification. This method is simple and reasonable. It can help you easily select the existing problems. Even if you are not an authoritative expert, you can be sure to know it well.

Ice machine machinery and equipment are abnormal

One touch and two listening: touch the bottom of the bronchial surface temperature and high The temperature of the pressure exhaust pipe and the surface temperature of the filter drier, as well as the temperature of the vent, can tell whether there is a problem according to whether the temperature of this part is the same as that during normal operation. Listening is to listen to the sound of the entire equipment running. If everything is normal, if the sound from the equipment often differs, it needs to be further checked.

Check three times and check four times: to see if everything is normal in the work of each component. Whether the bottom pressure value is normal, depends on the frosting of the capillary bottom pressure, and whether the temperature of the natural environment inside and outside the room is too high or too low, whether the filter is dirty or whether there is insufficient natural ventilation And other conditions, it is easy to remove factors such as external reasons and installation errors. Careful attention must be paid to such areas, and there must be no omissions. Check is to check whether the system pressure, temperature, switching power supply operating voltage, grounding resistance, and operating current can be checked with pressure gauges, clamp ammeters, digital multimeters, etc. to check whether the cbfi ice machine is in compliance with the regulations. Use bubble water or leak detectors to check the cbfi ice machine Whether the agent leaks.

Five analysis: clear the results of the first four steps, and further analyze the location of common faults and the severity and severity of common faults. It is necessary to combine the two system software to look at it so that the distinction can be made accurately.

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