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If the flake ice machine is only used in supermarkets, you will be out

Cooling and preservation, economy and convenience make flake ice machines widely used. There are several names for flake ice machines: ice cube machines, flake ice machines, supermarket ice flake machines, etc. Supermarket ice and restaurant food refrigeration are the most economical, cost-effective, convenient and quicker than crushed ice flake ice. Ice cube ice quilt It is widely used in food processing and other fields. Because of its low cost and convenient use, it has been widely used in the current catering industry. Many food materials such as fish, seafood, and poultry must be well displayed in restaurants and be easily accessible. In an open environment, only ice can be used for cooling as a good solution. The various brands of ice machines operated by Tianrun Hotel Electric have various output flake ice machines. The small output is 300 kg to 3 tons. The flake industrial ice maker is widely used in catering, because it guarantees the safe consumption of ice in contact with food, so we need to solve the hygiene and food safety of the water source at the water inlet of ice making. Therefore, we hope that the interface of the flake industrial ice maker Installing a water purifier solves food safety in one fell swoop. Flake ice machines of more than 3 tons are widely used in large supermarkets, fisheries, food factories, etc. Fisheries: Sea water flake ice machines can be directly installed on fishing boats and use sea water to make ice. Salvaged seafood can be quickly frozen and kept fresh, and fishery is one of the main application areas of flake ice machines all over the world. Aquatic product processing: Flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing media, washing water, and aquatic products to prevent bacterial growth. Keep aquatic products fresh during processing. Food processing: For example, during bread production, when stirring or re-creaming, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation. Poultry meat processing: Poultry and meat processing will produce huge Flake ice can be used in the cooling process of poultry meat, and at the same time adjust the humidity of the product and improve the quality. Vegetable distribution and preservation: In order to ensure the safety of vegetables, fruits, and meat food, the storage and transportation of products are increasing The more physical methods are used to control temperature. Flake ice has a rapid cooling effect, which can create a low temperature and high humidity environment, thereby ensuring that the subject is not destroyed by bacteria. Pharmaceutical industry: In many biosynthesis and chemical synthesis experiments, it is necessary A large amount of ice is added to control the reaction speed and maintain the activity of the organism. Flake ice is hygienic and clean, and has a fast cooling speed. It is an ideal cooling carrier in this industry.
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