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If the flake ice machine is only used in supermarkets, then you are OUT.

'The economy and convenience of the cooling and storage of flake ice machines have made them widely used.' There are many types of flake ice machines: ice machines, scale ice machines, supermarket ice machines, etc. Supermarket ice making and restaurant food refrigeration are the most economical, convenient, convenient and quickest. Ice cube ice is widely used in food processing and other fields. Because of its low cost and convenient use, it has been widely used in the current catering industry. Many ingredients such as fish, seafood and poultry are presented well and are easily available in restaurants, so cooling on ice can only be a good solution in an open environment. There are various flake ice machines for various brands of ice machines. Small-scale flake ice machines have a production capacity of 300 kg to 3 tons and are widely used in the catering industry, because in the process of contacting food to ensure safe consumption of ice, we need to solve the hygiene and food safety issues of water sources. The entrance side of ice making. Therefore, we hope to install a water purifier on the interface of the flake industrial ice maker to solve the food safety problem in one fell swoop. Flake ice machines of more than 3 tons are widely used in large commercial supermarkets, fisheries and food factories. Fishery: Sea ice flakes can be installed directly on fishing boats, and sea water can be used to make ice. The recovered seafood can be quickly frozen and preserved, and fishery is one of the main application areas of flake ice machines in the world. Aquatic product processing: Flake ice can reduce the temperature of the processing medium, washing water and aquatic products, prevent the growth of bacteria, and keep fresh during the processing of aquatic products. Food processing: For example, when making bread, stirring or applying cream twice, use a piece of ice to quickly cool it to prevent fermentation. Poultry processing: In the process of processing poultry and meat, a lot of heat is generated. Flake ice can be used in the cooling process of poultry meat, while adjusting humidity and improving quality. Distribution and preservation of vegetables: In order to ensure the safety of vegetables, fruits and meats, more and more physical methods are used to control the temperature in the storage and transportation of products. Flake ice has a rapid cooling effect and can create a low temperature and high humidity environment, thereby ensuring that subjects are protected from bacteria. Pharmaceutical industry: In many experiments related to biosynthesis and chemical synthesis, it is necessary to add a large amount of ice to control the reaction rate and maintain biological activity. The sliced u200bu200bice is hygienic and clean, and the cooling speed is fast. It is the ideal cooling carrier in the industry.
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