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Energy saving refrigeration solution supplier since 2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Ice making little genius—plate ice machine


Do you know what is the plate ice?

Plate ice is a transparent, dry, hard ans irregular ice with a thickness of 2—20 mm and a size of 30*40mm—60*100mm. The thickness of ice can be selected by adjusting the ice-making time. Plate ice has the characteristics of high cleanliness, high density, good air permeability, small surface area, uniform cooling effect, large cold storage capacity, no power, constant refrigeration temperature, adjustable ice size and so on. It is playing an increasingly important role in industrial, agricultural and fishery fishing. It is widely used in fishery production, aquatic product processing ocean fishing, ice for transportation, meat processing, supermarket keeping fresh display, food processing, medicine, chemical dyestuff, fermentation engineering, concrete cooling of construction engineering concrete cooling of construction engineering, mine cooling, ice storage engineering, etc.


CBFI has the production of single plate ice machine from 1 ton to 20 tons. The ice fountain rapid ice making machine is a new generation product which is developed by combining with the technology of micro-freezing preservation. Through microcomputer (PLC) centralized control of the operation of the ice maker, timely monitoring the operation state of the ice maker, with text display, easy to operate, without the need for personal care. The ice-making workstation can be cooled by water, cooled by air and cooled by evaporation.

The board ice machine adopts integral design


1、Evaporator automatic laser built welding, no leakage. The failure pressure is 45 times of the operating pressure, and there is no possibility of replacing the evaporator.

2、 Surface liquid film heat transfer technology to make ice, ice making energy saving effect is obvious, up to over 30%.

3、 Hot air ice mining, no mechanical wear, and with the exhaust pressure surface, ice time adaptive, improve the ice making time.

4、The ice making system is multi-system independent ice-making and ice-deicing function, which shortens the ice-making cycle and saves energy by over 30%.

Principle of plate ice mechanism

Plate ice mechanism, after waiting for normal operation of the refrigeration system, cooling water pump the water in the tank to the cold water spill water pipe, by sprinkling water distribution, water evenly sprinkled on double the icy surface of stainless steel plate evaporator, heat exchange with refrigerants, the temperature is reduced, the outer surface of the part of the water in the evaporator slab of ice formation, the rest of the water through the water tank, the water gap back into cold water in the back, for the next cycle.

CBFI plate ice machine is a new generation of energy-saving products. The multi-S type heat exchange tube is designed according to the hot runner, with ice technology on both sides. The whole equipment has good performance of corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and pressure resistance, stable ice-making capacity, energy saving and environmental protection. The ice making time is controlled by time, and the thickness of the plate can be adjusted by setting the time. The thickness can be far thicker than other ice species, with high time resistance and will not melt quickly, which makes the plate ice machine have incomparable advantages over other ice makers.



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