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Ice making is slow and not making ice. Who is to blame?


  There are three criteria for testing the pros and cons of an ice maker: ice making speed, stability, and safety. These performances are directly related to the following accessories.  The compressor is equivalent to the heart of the ice machine, and is responsible for transporting blood-refrigerant. Once it strikes, the result is no ice. Whereas in the past the refrigerant can only be judged by experience whether it is full or not, the current doser is more accurate.   After the refrigerant is output from the compressor, it is depressurized by the expansion agent to lower the temperature of the ice tray, so that the water gradually solidifies into ice cubes. Its damage is equivalent to 'myocardial infarction   The main function of the water stop valve is to save water and adjust the water flow according to the temperature and pressure in the machine. The higher the temperature and the higher the pressure, the greater the water flow. If there is a problem with this component, it will cause no water use in the machine or excessive water flow, which will result in waste.   After the ice is frozen, the defrost solenoid valve starts to dissipate heat and separates the ice from the ice tray. After damage, there will be no ice falling.   This is a fan, which is used to dissipate heat inside the ice maker. Stopping the operation will slow down the ice making speed or not make ice.  The material of the pipe is also an important consideration when buying an ice machine. Copper pipe is the best. Galvanized pipes or aluminum pipes are prone to penetration after long-term use, causing refrigerant leakage and causing the ice maker to fail to work normally.   These components in the ice maker are closely related to the ice making effect and stability. According to different quality, its cost varies several times. After damage, the repair cost is not much different from the replacement cost. Relatively speaking, good parts can ensure the long-term normal operation of the cbfi ice machine.

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