Ice making equipment-how to choose an ice making machine

by:CBFI     2021-07-31
Regarding the selection of ice-making equipment, since the market for ice-making machines is still in the initial stage of development, our customers and even our distributors perfunctory understanding of ice-making machines are still superficial, and proceed at the initial stage of understanding. One of the most striking signs is that many ice machines do not have a Dominion book on ice production under the same season and temperature conditions, so many misleading and mis-purchasing steps have occurred. So how can we correctly guide the purchaser's consumption pace? Below, we will use our teaching to provide a more professional reference for the customers who use ice. 1. Necessity of ice cubes: from the perspective of teaching, in general, Chinese restaurants: 0.5kg ice cubes for each seat; western restaurants: 1kg ice cubes for each seat; hotel guest rooms: 1kg ice cubes for each room Pieces; pearl milk tea, bubble black tea, 1kg ice cubes can provide 7-8 cups; sand ice, shaved ice can provide about 4 cups per kilogram. Knowing the above data, friends in the catering industry can make a fair selection based on their own limitations and perfunctory sales. 2. Understanding of ice production volume of ice making equipment: 1. Boundary of ice production volume of ice making machine: When selecting a model, users mainly consider the amount of ice used. However, the ice production of the ice maker varies greatly due to the situation and conditions, and it is necessary to clarify the working conditions of the example before the ice production can be calculated perfunctorily. The Shengye brand ice machine follows the international nominal working conditions as the model working conditions of the product (that is, the temperature of the ice making water is 15℃±1℃; the working temperature is 21℃±2℃; the power requirement is single-phase 220V 50 Hz / three-phase 380 volts 50 Hz; the water source is required to be clean fresh water; the working unit time is 24 hours) We have seen a certain kilogram ice maker in the market, and it is revealed that every day is produced under the example working conditions Amount of ice. 2. Understanding of the ice production volume of the ice maker in summer: In summer, the temperature of the water and the situation will rise, and the rise of the water temperature is equivalent to prolonging the ice making time of each plate of ice (because the freezing point of water is 0 ℃, It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the ice-making water at low temperature to 0°C, which is longer than that of water at room temperature. The temperature is too low, for the production of air-cold ice machines that replace the cold with air. The large amount of ice falling in the sky is a serious fact that has no effect. 3. Regarding the selection of the ice machine: The time when the ice is the most necessary is in summer, so we have to ask a question when selecting ice-making equipment: The ice machine we bought is the coldest in summer , During the best time for business, is ice enough? We know that there is a big difference between the ice production of the ice machine in summer and the ice production marked by the ice machine. Take the Katsuno KD-200AW ice machine as an example: when the water temperature is 15°C and the situation temperature is 21°C, The ice spring ice machine can produce ice 120 times per 24 hours. When the water temperature is 30°C and the situation temperature is 40°C, the machine can produce ice 90 times per 24 hours. To help with the reason for effectively dispelling the cold), as for many non-brand ice machines (air-cold type), at this time, only about 50 ice productions per 24 hours. I imagine that only nearly 40% of the indicated ice production, or even more Low. Knowing these truths, we will look at how to choose the ice machine. If a customer needs 70 kilograms of ice a day during the summer peak season, how big an ice machine does he need to buy? If he buys a Bingquan ice machine, he should choose the KD-200AW model. The reason is: 70 kg/0.75u003d93.3 kg/*2.2u003d205 lbs. If he buys a non-branded machine (air-cold type), he should pick an ice machine of about 175 kg (385 lb). The reason is: 70 kg/0.4u003d175 kg. For another example, a customer needs about 150 kilograms of ice cubes every day during the busy season of buying and selling. What model of ice machine does he need to buy? If you are buying a Bingquan Tube Ice Machine, you should choose the KD-500AW model. The reason is: 500 lbs/2.2u003d227 kg*0.75u003d170 kg. If you are buying a non-branded machine (air-cold type), you should think about an Tube Ice Machine of about 375 kg (825 lb), and the reason is 150 kg/0.4u003d375 kg.
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