Ice Maker Manufacturers | Daily Failures and Solutions of Ice Makers

by:CBFI     2021-11-28

Ice machines are widely used in tea shops, coffee shops, KTVs, Internet cafes, hotels, etc. However, due to improper installation or maintenance, ice machines often fail. If there is no ice, the ice making speed will be very slow. No water, no noise. The following ice machine manufacturers will tell you about the daily failures of the ice machine and the solutions

   The following is a brief introduction to the core problems and solutions of non-icing inside the ice machine of the refrigeration equipment company.   manufacturer  What should I do if the cbfi ice machine leaks? The water supply to the inlet valve should not be too large. Check the broken pipeline with an appropriate number. If the water pipe is broken, replace the new water pipe on the pipeline, check whether the water level float valve is faulty, and then repair the fault. What should I do if the compressor does not work?    The voltage is too low, check the power supply, the contact point is not well connected, and open the system pressure protection device. What should I do if the ice machine is not hard? The water supply of the ice machine is more than that of the refrigerant. The above phenomenon will occur when the voltage is insufficient. Add appropriate amount of water and cooling system, it is best to turn off the voltage. This problem is relatively easy to solve.   What if the machine is running but it is not freezing? There is no water in the drip tray, add water, and then the heart of the ice maker is blocked. This is a professional repair service. How to reduce the amount of ice produced? When the capillary or expansion valve of the ice machine is blocked, the speed will slow down! The water in the system is too high, a small amount of ice is blocked, the condensing system is blocked, the refrigerant is insufficient or leaking, and the evaporator is dirty NS. This is why the ice making mechanism is slow, and it is best to make the blocked area smooth.   The above is the information about the daily failures and solutions of the ice maker shared by the cbfi ice machine manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more inquiries, please visit our company's official website.

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