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Ice maker: edible ice and industrial ice

Edible ice and industrial ice

pure ice flow is the use of the high purity water, frozen made after a long time. Its characteristic is hard, transparent, not easy to melt. People to alcohol, drinks add ice to make its temperature is reduced to zero, then the taste of the most comfortable. But adding ordinary ice, due to the melting fast, so will dilute alcohol, drinks. What's more, if made of water ice. More will destroy the original pure taste of wine, drinks. General edible ice are professional type of production, the shape is 2 cm square pieces, with small household refrigerator, ice making machine size and industry made from ice is usually 1 metres long half a metre wide 0. 3 m thick chunk. So the irregular shape is generally not edible ice ice.

industrial ice main use: 1. Frozen food storage and seedling transport; 2. Blackout emergency food preservation, family cool; 3. Enterprise in cooling of the plant; The biggest use of economic material benefit is the high temperature season. Is widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes and other occasions and supermarket food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical industry, food processing, frozen slaughtered, etc, wide application range

note: ice non-food items, please do not eat.
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