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Ice machine purchase experience, you must read ice machine knowledge before buying


   purchase experience, you must read the knowledge of ice maker before you buy it, now let’s take a look with the editor:

   1. Before buying an ice maker, be sure to distinguish the type of ice maker , Do not buy blindly, so as not to buy wrong. is a general term for ice making equipment, and the shape of the ice cubes produced varies according to the structure and production method of the evaporator (ice mold). The industry generally uses ice shapes to divide ice machines into flake ice machines, cube ice machines, block ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines, snow machines, fluid ice machines, and ice bottle machines. 2. Understanding the structure of the ice maker The ice maker mainly consists of a compressor, a filter dryer, a condenser, an expansion valve, an evaporator, an electric box, a one-way valve and other components:    1. The compressor provides power for the ice maker. It is the heart of the ice machine, and the quality of the compressor is one of the important indicators for evaluating the quality of the ice machine.  2. Dry filter, a small filter drier, the role cannot be underestimated, it can filter the moisture and residue of the ice making system, it is the scavenger of the ice machine, and guarantees the stable operation of ice making.  3. Condenser. The condenser is air-cooled and water-cooled. It mainly relies on fans to take away excess heat and cool the high-temperature vapor refrigerant into a liquid state to provide the necessary temperature for the cbfi ice machine to evaporate.  4. Expansion valve. The ice maker usually uses a thermal expansion valve. Its function is to throttling and expand the liquid refrigerant into a vapor refrigerant, providing conditions for the ice maker to evaporate, and adjusting the flow of the ice maker’s refrigerant.   5. Evaporator, ice maker evaporator is commonly known as ice bucket. Its main function is to absorb the heat of water and quickly freeze water into ice. Whether an ice machine manufacturer can produce an evaporator is a symbol of the strength of the ice machine manufacturer.  6. u200bu200bElectric box, usually the electric box will be input to the control system, and each component has been controlled to coordinate and operate stably. Usually there are multiple relays, contactors, PLC controllers, and phase sequence protectors. The assembled electrical box is much better than the circuit board, the system is stable, safer, more reliable, easy to maintain, and the disadvantages are slightly more expensive.  7. Other components, such as one-way valve, prevent the refrigerant from flowing back and out, solenoid valve, control the refrigerant flow rate and pressure of the ice making system, etc.   Remarks: The structure of the large ice maker is slightly different, it will be more complicated, and there will be more accessories to ensure the stable and safe operation of the ice maker.

  3. Understand the principle of ice maker   Take flake ice machine as an example. The evaporator is a device for making flake ice. It is known as ice bucket. It is cylindrical, with a ring-shaped guide ring inside, so that the low-temperature refrigerant quickly exchanges cold and heat with water (water evenly spilled from the water distribution tray), and quickly connects to ice. The reducer drives the ice skates to hang the ice down Ice storage. The above is our ice machine purchase experience. You must read the relevant knowledge of the ice machine knowledge before purchasing. I believe it will be helpful to everyone. Our company is Bingquan Ice Making Equipment Company. If you want to know more information, you can go to Check our website, or call us for consultation, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Previous

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