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Ice machine industry development forum will be held


   Industry Development Forum will be held

   News from our newspaper (Reporter Zheng Jianling) Beijing Institute of Refrigeration announced recently that the first National Industry Development Forum hosted by it will be held on September 8. Convened. The purpose of this forum is to further discuss the safety standards of the food ice industry, improve the awareness of safe ice making in commercial consumption places such as hotels, bars, KTV, and create a safe and healthy edible ice consumption environment.

   With the development of my country’s catering and entertainment industries, ice machines have become indispensable equipment in hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, fast food restaurants, KTVs, coffee shops, ice fresh markets and other consumer places. It has become a top priority to regulate its production and popularize edible ice safety knowledge among consumers.

   According to reports, as early as 1996, my country put forward relevant requirements for edible ice in the 'Hygiene Standards for Frozen Drinks'. The QS mark is required to enter the market. With the development of tourism, hotel industry, catering industry and entertainment industry, QS standards can no longer fully cover the consumption places of self-made edible ice such as hotels, restaurants, bars, restaurants, KTV, nightclubs, etc. At present, hotels and other consumer places use small ice machines to produce ice in a single and scattered form, which is different from the safety supervision of traditional large ice machines.

   Experts said that to ensure the quality and safety of edible ice in hotels, bars, nightclubs, KTV and other consumer places, three problems must be resolved: First, the water source problem, that is, to ensure that the water quality meets the 'Drinking Water Standards' The second is the problem of filter replacement and cleaning, that is, the ice making equipment should be cleaned regularly; the third is whether the cbfi ice machine is clean during operation, that is, whether the placement of the ice maker meets the cleaning requirements. For many consumers who like to use the refrigerator to make their own ice drinks and beverages at home, experts said they should be cautious, because the ice made in the home refrigerator not only contains water impurities, but also absorbs the smell of other frozen foods and contains a broad spectrum of bacteria. The total number of colonies and coliforms of products often exceed the standard, which will cause harm to human health after consumption. 'China Quality News'

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