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HEYTEA Ice Cube Quality Inspection and Automatic Ice Packing Machine

HEYTEA Ice Cube Quality Inspection and Automatic Ice Packing Machine


Chinese milk tea brand HEYTEA was found on June 14 that the total number of colonies of four fruit teas/milk teas was higher than similar standards, 

and three of them detected coliform bacteria, which had microbial contamination. Today, HEYTEA's official Weibo post stated that the main reason for 

the preliminary understanding was that the store operations were not standardized, such as placing the used ice shovel directly on the ice cubes when 

taking ice, and placing the refrigerated milk at room temperature for too long when making drinks.

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In this regard, HEYTEA said that it rectified the two stores at the first time and thoroughly investigated other important food safety links of the store.

 In addition to the store itself doing thorough disinfection, a third-party professional disinfection and disinfection company was invited to the store for 

disinfection operations. At the same time, self-examination was conducted on 15 stores in Nanjing. At the same time, on the basis of the current 

cleaning and disinfection of ice machine stores every week, arrange for ice machine manufacturer professionals to increase the depth of cleaning

 once every quarter. In addition, once again strengthen the use of ice and milk products in the store, re-promote the hand-washing and disinfection 

standards, and track the implementation in the daily operation process, actively cooperate with the government's follow-up food safety survey, and 

transparently disclose the food safety status of the store to everyone.


In summary, the quality of the ice cubes of the ice-making machine is very important, and correct ice taking operation is also very important.

 In order to avoid infection of ice cubes, it is recommended that manufacturers of ice factories purchase automatic packing machines. 

Let me introduce you to the difference between an automatic baler and a manual baler.

1. The automatic packing machine avoids human contact and pollution to the greatest extent, and uses food grade PE film in rolls to automatically make bags,

which is safeEfficient.

2. Avoid the contact pollution that may occur during the manual packaging of the bag at random and repeated manual bag removal.

3. Automatic sealing, sturdy and reliable, also avoids the contact of human hands, or the quality of the sealing is not high, damage and leakage pollution.

4. Save labor, only need one person to monitor and operate, can replace 7~8 manual packaging employees, greatly reducing labor costs and

Reduce the labor burden of workers.

5. Traceability, the machine automatically records the packaging and production data, and the information automatically coded on the packaging bag can correspond to each other

The production process is safe and traceable, and the end user's worries are relieved.

6. The whole machine is made of safe and hygienic stainless steel and other materials, the machine itself will not produce pollution.

7. The PE film can be customized with the logo and contact information of the ice factory, which greatly improves the recognition and brand image, helping you

Stand out among logo ice suppliers.

8. The machine records the production and operation data throughout the process to help you record the operation data in detail for your investment and accounting operations.