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Ice factory construction case

Ice factory construction case


Some time ago we explained the preliminary preparations for the establishment of an ice factory, and today we will analyze and introduce a case of building an ice factory in depth.

Case background

The client Mr. Yang runs an electronics factory, and by chance found a gap in the market for ice for aquatic products in the local town. The local area is close to the sea and rich in aquatic resources. The fished aquatic products are various and fresh, and many local people are engaged in water production. Aquatic products are fresh and perishable, not easy to store, and have a very short shelf life. A large amount of ice is required to cool down and keep fresh during the process of being sold and transported. But there is no ice factory in the town. The only ice factory is outside the town, far from the seafood terminal. So Mr. Yang found Bingquan Refrigeration, hoping to get some suggestions to open an ice factory in the town.

 Ice factory design

 Mr. Yang requested that the ice factory be established with lower labor and operating costs as much as possible and in accordance with local climate, water, electricity, and transportation conditions. After understanding Mr. Yang's needs, Bingquan Refrigeration quickly sent professional sales staff and engineers to the local area for inspection. According to Mr. Yang's needs and the ice usage situation of the local seafood terminal, it is recommended that Mr. Yang build a 5 ton block ice making machine ice factory.

Block ice is a large rectangular ice cube, which is the largest in all ice products. It has a small contact surface with the outside world and is not easy to melt. It is very suitable for the preservation, cooling, and long-distance transportation of aquatic products.

The direct cooling block ice making machine is the main mechanical equipment for the production of ice blocks. The direct cooling block ice maker machine of Bingquan Refrigeration has three advantages: 1. High-efficiency heat exchange, environmental protection and safety; 2. Automatic water replenishment and automatic deicing; 3. The ice is clean and hygienic, and can meet the three major advantages of edible standards. The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy with high efficiency and heat conduction, and directly and efficiently exchanges heat with the refrigerant, the freezing temperature is low, the ice making speed is fast, and the ice melting speed is slow. High degree of automation, automatic water replenishment, automatic ice making, automatic deicing, without manual operation. There is no need to use salt water, the ice mold does not need to be replaced for long-term use, the equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, and the ice cubes are clean and hygienic, which can meet the edible standard. Modular design, simple operation, small floor space, convenient installation, ice can be made by connecting water and electricity on site.

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 Ice factory operations

After testing the water and electricity, Mr. Yang's ice factory immediately opened for business. Because the ice produced is of good quality, it is not easy to melt, and it is close to the seafood terminal, reducing transportation costs, more than 70% of the seafood terminal merchants have come to Mr. Yang's ice factory to order briquettes. For a time, Mr. Yang's ice factory was overwhelmed. In addition, because the direct cooling block ice maker machine is simple to operate and easy to use, Mr. Yang did not hire additional manpower, and directly transferred two employees from his own electronics factory to operate the machine, which also reduced labor costs. More importantly, the direct cooling block ice maker of CBFI Bingquan Refrigeration is very energy-efficient. 1 ton of ice consumes only about 80 degrees of electricity and 1.1 tons of water, which also saves a lot of money for Mr. Yang's water and electricity expenses.

Ice factory feedback

After the ice factory was completed, Mr. Yang gave us feedback that the return on costs was faster than he expected. He is considering continuing to expand the scale and output of the ice factory and hopes to continue to cooperate with Bingquan Refrigeration. Because Bingquan Refrigeration can not only provide high-quality and high-priced ice-making equipment, but also make practical suggestions based on the interests of customers, and the pre-sales and after-sales services are very guaranteed.