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Ice cube machine standard

This standard specifies the terms and definitions, types and basic parameters, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, markings, packaging, transportation and storage of ice cube machines. This standard applies to ice makers for industrial, commercial and similar purposes, which are used to intermittently produce plate ice from fresh water by means of electromechanical compression and refrigeration. Reference to standard documents The clauses in the following documents are the clauses of this standard with reference to this standard. This standard does not apply to every dated reference document of this standard, and all subsequent amendments (excluding errata content) or revised editions, but according to the consensus of all parties in this standard, it is encouraged to study whether the latest version of this standard can be used . For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard. GB/T 191 Packaging, Storage and Transportation Icon (GB/T 191-2008, ISO 780) 1997, Ministry of National Defense) GB 4208 Shell protection level (IP code) (GB 4208-2008, IEC 60529; 2001, IDT) GB 4706.1 Safety of household ice cube machines and similar appliances. Part 1 General requirements (GB 4706.1-2005, IEC 60355-1; 2004 (Ed4.1), IDT) GB 4706.13 Special requirements for safety refrigeration equipment, ice forest machines, and ice machines (GB 4706.13-2008, iec60355-2 -24); 2007, IDT) mechanical safety, mechanical electrical equipment, part 1; general technical conditions (GB 5226.1-2008, IEC 62020202020202020204 -1; 2005, IDT) GB/T 6388 shipping, packaging, receipt and marking gb9237 refrigeration Safety requirements for refrigeration systems and heating machinery GB 9969 general specifications for industrial products. GB/T 13306 signs GB/T 13384 general technical conditions for packaging electromechanical products. GB/T 18517 Refrigeration JB/ t4330 Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment noise measurement
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