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New Products Promotion Meeting CBFI ice maker 2017 new products promotion convention for Slurry ice machine and Immediate ice block machine will be developed in the 18th Shanghai Refrigeration & Air Condition Expo. We (CBFI ice maker) end up with successfully researched and developed the new-generation slurry ice machine with the most prominent technology and creative ideas from the very different ways in practicability, appearance, productivity etc. New-generation slurry ice machine could convenient operation, high efficiency and the highest energy-saving, which is more suitable so that you can meet different customers ice demands when different occasion. CBFI ice maker technical director Jun Wei: Over thirty many years working experience ice making market sector. Pioneer to do with slurry crushed ice machine into China. Leader connected with direct cool ice prevent technology. Having several different invention patents and rational certificates. Slurry Ice-cubes Machine: the variety of thoroughly clean water and then salt together with sea liquid type winter snow storms. Slurry ice cubes is flexible without edge, no accident to the particular surface linked with cooling model. can very much cover unquestionably the fish products; enter around the angle products insides. Fast cool speed, perfect chilling efficiency, super competitive power in your diet. Automatic Snowing conditions Block Machine: Adopting metal plate so that you be major cooling, automated water delivering and automated ice weightlifting system. High production, fast cool time, lesser amount of installation space, flexibly when you need to move. Safe operation, low your time cost, ice-cubes blocks clean, and hygienic.
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