Hydraulic pneumatic industrial refrigerator do not calibration

by:CBFI     2020-10-05
It has been 12 years of experience in research and development of cryogenic refrigerator and production, ultra-low temperature freezer in addition to conventional - 40℃、- 60℃、- 86 ℃ ultra-low temperature freezer, - 150 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator and so on, can also provide users with ultra-low temperature freezer custom service. Users only need to provide parameter requirements, refrigeration engineers will provide corresponding solution and quotation according to your requirements.

in late April, an old user according to the project development needs, and again from our company to order a large industrial cryogenic refrigerator ( Industrial refrigerator) , its requirements: large capacity, strong load, temperature to - 60 ℃, cupboard door automatic start. Our refrigeration engineers with user requirements, after discussion, accounting, quickly provide users with the related solution and quotation ( Cupboard door adopt hydraulic pneumatic way) 。 【 Note: since we sign confidentiality agreement with the user, it will not display the technical parameters of the industrial refrigerators 】 。

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