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How to use the lyophilizer and usage

How do you use the lab lyophilizer? The method is to use? Vacuum freeze drier equipment manufacturer here and share the common laboratory using lyophilizer are for small bell jar type equipment, separate the precool and dry, not in the in situ.

the following manufacturer in much of manifold lab freeze-drying machine, for example, talk about its usage steps:

one, precool operation

note: has a low temperature refrigerator users can save the step

( 1) Open the refrigerator, to precooling device, when the temperature of the cold trap dropped to - After below 40 ℃, can to precool material;

( 2) The material in the material plate ( Liquid directly into the material plate, solid materials uniform or bottled on material tray) ;

( 3) The material plate into the precool frame, probe into good contact with the material plate and material, in order to reduce the error of the sample temperature and real temperature;

( 4) Put into cold trap the precool frame;

( 5) Cover with insulation cover;

( 6) Precool material parts to drop in temperature below the eutectic point of material, can maintain at about 1 small precool end, ready to enter drying stage.

2, dry operation

( 1) Remove precool frame from the cold trap;

( 2) Remove the precool material in the drying rack;

( 3) The drying rack into the cold trap, as shown;

( 4) Check the sealing ring in good condition and without sundry under the premise of hood & other; Organic glass tube & throughout; ;

( 5) Tighten the water drain valve clockwise;

( 6) Open & other; Vacuum pump & throughout; , open & other; Vacuum gauge & throughout; 。 Vacuum degree in vacuum degree, the general drying process value & lt; 20 pa is normal.

( 7) Flask to hang up one by one, and open the manifold valve; Flask material in dry closed after more manifold valves, remove the flask.

( 8) Dry after the first open & other; Water ( Air intake) Valve & throughout; Close vacuum pump again. Remove the organic glass, dry materials.

( 9) Shut down & other; Water ( Air intake) Valve & throughout; , devices for cream, cream after the open & other; Water ( Air intake) Valve & throughout; Drainage, the device is wiped clean.

( 10) Vacuum pump please cover when not working on the porosity, prevent dirt into.

note: a, in the whole process of drying machine shall not be shut; B, because of differences in material properties, drying and precool time difference.
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