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How to use cold water machine improve cooling fan cooling effect

General air cooler is installed outdoors, so water plate under the sun heat radiation, temperature rise, seriously affecting the effects of cooling, if the water dish water temperature is greater than or equal to the indoor air temperature, then don't cooling effect. Therefore, water (water temperature determines the cooling effect of cooling fan.

is a professional factory house, cold water can provide cold water machine to do the calibration, cold water machine solution. Based on years of experience, summed up how to use cold water machine to provide the air cooler cooling effect.

this scheme includes cooling water storage tank, cooling water pump, industrial ice machine, number and the same return pipe and inlet pipe air cooler, air cooler outlet through the return pipe and cooling water tank inlet connection, cooling water tank outlet through the cooling water pump inlet connection cold water machine, cold water machine outlet through another inlet air cooler inlet pipe connection.

in order to control water flow on and off, between cooling water pump and water inlet cold water machine is equipped with water flow switch. In order to prevent the reverse flow of water, water can smoothly to the cooling fan, cold water machine between outlet and inlet of cooling fan is equipped with check valve and the water valve.

the principle is to tap water to the cooling fan, using the body of water (water temperature is lower than indoor air temperature, the heat from the air, for cooling, and temperature of water through the cold water circulation mechanism, after cooling water tank and industrial ice machine cooling down to the right temperature, can be sent to the cooling fan for cooling again. Therefore, only need a small amount of circulating water, cold water machine consume small amounts of power can significantly improve the cooling effect of the cold wind cooling device.

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