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How to use Bingquan Snow Ice Maker


How to use    Ice Spring Snowflake :

   1. Remove the outer packaging, and take out the attached file bag, water inlet pipe, drain pipe, ice spoon and other accessories from the refrigerator.

  2. Place the ice maker in a ventilated place, and keep a space of 150mm from the wall, away from heat sources. Make sure that the machine is placed steadily.

  3. Connect the attached ф12 soft plastic corrugated drain pipe with the outlet pipe on the back of the machine, and place the other end in the sewer opening.

  4. Connect one end of the water inlet pipe attached to the tap of the tap water supply pipe, and the other end to the threaded joint of the water valve on the back of the cbfi ice machine. Note that both ends of the water inlet pipe are required when connecting. Place the sealing ring (optional)

   5. Unscrew the tap to ensure that the water in the inlet pipe flows smoothly.

  6. Plug in the power plug, press the rocker switch on the operation panel, and the cbfi ice machine will start to work. The ice maker is fully automatic and continuous from water intake → ice making → dehydration → ice storage Ice making. If the amount of ice in the refrigerator reaches a certain level, the full ice light on the operation panel will light up, and the ice maker will only shut down. The ice machine shuts down.

  (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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