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How to use and maintain the snowflake ice machine

Snowflake cbfi ice machine has beautiful appearance, continuous ice making, fast ice making speed and large ice making capacity. A series of processes from water intake, ice injection to ice making, ice crushing, ice output to ice storage realize automatic computer control and continuous ice making. The corresponding indicator light will flash, and the cbfi ice machine will automatically stop, which has a good protection function. Because the storage refrigerator adopts a rigid foaming structure, the heat preservation performance is good, so that the crushed ice made is not easy to melt.   Snowflake ice maker daily maintenance:    1. When the compressor is stopped for any reason (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, etc.), it must not be continuously started, and it must be restarted every Smin to avoid damage to the compressor.   2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints in order to deal with the small amount of residual water that may leak. 3. When the ice maker is not in use, drain the residual water in the inner tank, dry the inner tank of the refrigerator with a clean cloth, and unscrew the drain connector cover 9 at the back of the tank to drain the residual water in the water tank , And then tighten the drain joint cover 9.   4. When the ambient temperature drops below 0°C, there is a possibility of freezing. Drainage work must be carried out to drain the water, otherwise it may cause the water inlet pipe to rupture.   5. The drain pipe should be inspected 1 or 2 times a year to prevent blockage.  6. u200bu200bPlease unplug the power plug when cleaning, inspecting and not using the ice maker for more than a week. When plugging or unplugging the power plug, hold the plug and do not pull the power cord.  Snowflake ice machine product usage method:    remove the outer packaging, and take out the attached file bag and the water inlet pipe, drain pipe, ice spoon, gasket and other accessories from the ice storage box. Place the ice maker in a ventilated place, and keep a space of no less than 150mm from the wall, away from heat sources, to ensure that the machine is placed in a stable manner. Plug in the power plug and press the rocker switch on the operation panel. At this time, the running light on the operation panel lights up, and the ice maker starts to work. The ice crusher starts from water intake, ice making, ice crushing, ice output, and ice storage. Fully automatic and continuous ice making is implemented. If the amount of ice in the refrigerator reaches a certain level, the full ice light on the operation panel will light up, and the ice maker will automatically stop. When the external water supply pipe fails or fails, the operation panel is short of water The light will come on and the machine will stop automatically.
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