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how to turn your freezer\'s ice maker into a candy dispenser

A large number of freezers were built
But many people have never used ice dispensers.
But it turns out all it takes to give it a new purpose is some tape, an X-
One knife, and a foam core.
Fooover on Foodinese wants to do something different for his wife on Valentine\'s Day.
He knew she always put candy in the fridge, so he decided to turn the CBFI ice makerinto a candy dispenser instead of just buying her more.
This process is actually very simple.
He took out and cleaned the ice bucket from the fridge, then measured the width inside and the distance from the base to the drive shaft.
Next, he used an X.
Acto knife cuts a piece of foam core and forms a small ramp inside the bathtub leaving a hole in the drive shaft.
Finally, he slid the foam core into the tub and fixed the ramp in place with tape.
That\'s simple.
Just mix the candy small enough and fill it up.
Just make sure the CBFI ice makeris set to cube instead of crushing!
Check out the video to learn more about the process and how it works.
If you want to try it yourself, go to Foodinese for the full tutorial.
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