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How to select the laboratory ice maker?


Now many laboratories also need to use ice machines in scientific research, so which ice machine is better for the laboratory? Today, I will introduce to you why the snowflake ice maker is used in the experimental system and how the laboratory should choose the model.

  Why does the experimental system use a snowflake ice maker?

  The ice produced by the snowflake ice making mechanism becomes irregular and tiny granular ice, which is relatively humid, with a water content of generally between 15% and 25%, and the temperature is slightly below zero. , It has good plasticity, is easy to use and accumulate, can penetrate into a narrow gap, has a fast cooling effect, and has a good effect on ice bath operation. When it was developed, it was a special ice maker specially designed for the laboratory. Later, it was widely used in the catering industry.

   How big a snowflake cbfi ice machine needs to be used in the laboratory, generally speaking depends on the number of people in the laboratory for modeling, and the number of laboratories, whether it’s more than one The laboratory shares an cbfi ice machine.

  How should the laboratory select?

  1 , If the laboratory personnel use ice at the same time, then more ice may be taken all the time, so be sure to note that if the selected model is small, the ice storage capacity of the laboratory snowflake ice maker will be so large. It may cause insufficient ice to be taken later.

  2. If the ice is taken at different times, because the laboratory snowflake ice maker is also starting to make ice while removing the ice, then inside the freezer There will be ice to be taken when the next person wants to take ice.

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