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How to place an order on tube ice machine?

To place an order on tube ice machine, please contact our after-sales personnel to ask for information filling. You should fill the form where product quantity, model, size, color, and other specifications are needed. Also, there will be payment methods, delivery time, and your personal information to be submitted to us. Once we finish the manufacturing and packaging, we will have our products delivered to your address quickly. If you have any problems, please contact us for help.
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Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd has formed a unique Chinese strong Other Application Cold Room brand - Icesource. Icesource's main products include Pure Ice Machine series. The design principles of Icesource cold room panels mainly include the following aspects: the structure and the combined behavior and operating motion of its parts under load. Its exact can be sent to customers for quality check and confirmation. It delivers good building energy performance. Relative performance is measured when possible using various analysis software such as Ecotect and EnergyPlus. Designs are tuned based on the results. It has been mainly exported over 150 countries and regions, like South America.
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In order to keep a leading of profession position, we continuously outstrips ourselves, with the outstanding quality accolade one and other challenge.

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