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How to maintain the ice machine in a milk tea shop

How does the milk tea shop maintain the ice machine? To open a milk tea shop, a lot of equipment is needed, such as an ice maker, a milkshake machine, a tea pot, a sealing machine, and so on. Compared with other refrigeration equipment, the technical content of the ice machine is higher, so the use environment of the ice machine and regular maintenance are extremely important for the service life and ice making effect of the ice machine. How to maintain the ice machine?

1. Maintenance and cleaning of the unit: Mainly include whether the compressor is frequently switched on and off; whether there is abnormal noise in operation; whether the compressor is running at high and low pressure; whether the compressor is running normally; whether the condensing fan motor vibrates; around the unit The environment should be cleaned regularly, and no debris should be piled up to hinder heat dissipation.

2. Regularly clean the condenser and the filter screen of the condenser. Among them, the condenser filters once a year (2-3) once every 1-2 months.

3. Regularly clean the water inlet pipe, water storage tank, refrigerator and baffle of the cbfi ice machine to remove scale. Basically once a quarter, while cleaning the refrigerator, dredge the sewage drain in the refrigerator; regularly replace the water inlet filter of the cbfi ice machine, and small water output will affect the efficiency of ice making; regularly repair the water separator tube For descaling, uneven water intake will cause different sizes of ice cubes; regularly check whether the temperature control probe in the storage refrigerator is normal; regularly descale the ice surface sensor; check whether the cover of the storage refrigerator is sealed. Daily maintenance should not be ignored. It is very important to maintain the milk tea shop ice machine correctly, which can effectively extend the service life and ice making effect of the milk tea shop ice machine.
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