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How to maintain the fresh quality of imported aquatic products

How to maintain the fresh quality of imported aquatic products


       In recent years, imported aquatic and seafood, meat, dairy products and fruits have become consumers’ “new favorites”. This is also due to China’s determination and intensity of opening up to the outside world and the continuous upgrading of consumption structure. The dining table is truly enriched. Imported food needs to be equipped with liquid nitrogen, cold chain and other "express trains" in order to better ensure fresh quality, cater to consumption upgrades, and embrace the Chinese market to the fullest.

       Then, for imported products such as seafood, meat, dairy products, and fruits, how do you maintain the freshness of quality during the "long journey"?

The author believes that, on the one hand, the use of liquid nitrogen freezing technology at the source, and then through liquid nitrogen blast freezer, cold storage chain and other refrigeration equipment, not only maintain the fresh taste of the product, but also prevent harmful organisms from entering China with the product.

       As a kind of refrigeration equipment, the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer adopts low-temperature liquid nitrogen freezing technology, which can quickly freeze fruits and other fresh products at a low temperature of -110°C. The liquid nitrogen quick-freezer only takes a few minutes to complete the freezing , And the core temperature can reach -18℃, and after thawing, it can still keep the fresh taste of fruits and other fresh products.


  On the other hand, cold storage chain logistics is used in storage and transportation. Because imported fresh products need to travel a long distance, even if liquid nitrogen freezing technology is used from the source, if it is stored at room temperature during transportation, temperature changes will inevitably accelerate the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in the product, leading to spoilage, or shortening the shelf period.



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