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How to keep the cooling tower cold water machine water flow balance

Cooling tower is a common form a complete set of combination, water cooled industrial ice machine water flow distribution of cooling tower must be balanced, right amount, cold water machine is how to keep the cooling tower water flow balance?

if there are two or more cabin cooling tower, must ensure that each compartment has the same water, otherwise, the cooling effect of cooling tower can't meet the design requirements. Many cooling tower in setting water tower plate method is used to achieve the balanced distribution of the circulating water, the water dish chassis general open has carefully measure the size of the hole, the water from the condenser is from the baffle plate of the chassis orifice flow, and distributed to the cooling tower. To protect each cabin all can obtain the appropriate flow, management also set the balancing valve. Located in the top of the baffle plate of orifice must also can have the effect of cleaning impurity.

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