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How to judge the ultra-low temperature freezer parts quality is good or bad

How to judge the cryogenic refrigerator parts quality is good or bad, depends on whether the manipulation of the circuit performance is normal, whether the compressor can operate properly and pipeline whether snow kind enough. Can use the following steps; : a, looking at outside the officer if there is a variant, breakage or within rust problem. Second, the smell: after electrify. Listening to the compressor running snow was sound pressure flow, or other noise, and the size of the voice, the purity. Three, test: transfer the thermostat.

one, there are several kind of situations: the stand or fall of cryogenic refrigerator compressor ( 1) The stiff failures such as leakage, after electric power switch; ( 2) Electricity is not around for a while after the thermal cover broken such change starter again as no compressor is bad; ( 3) Soft fault in high pressure leak, check step is to cut electricity line, try his displacement by hand over high pressure vent

2, how do you determine the ultra-low temperature freezer solenoid valve is good or bad?
now are pulsed solenoid, controlled by the main control board to open or shut off the industrial ice machine flow of each bin, achieve the goal of controlling temperature fault phenomenon 1: system leak detection method: apply with soap and water, electromagnetic valve, the welding place after injection of industrial ice machine in the system, if there are air bubbles. Directional detection fault phenomenon 2: not the way: by hand touch the solenoid valve.
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