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How to implement the first cooling in cold storage installation?

How to implement the first cooling for the cold storage installation?    Before the cold storage is put into production, the low-temperature cold storage installation and system debugging is a very important content. Only by the cooling debugging can the temperature in the cold storage be reduced to the temperature that you need to avoid The civil structure of the warehouse will be damaged due to a sudden temperature drop. Let’s understand what was done during the first cooling. First of all, we should make corresponding preparations. We should also do a good job of vacuuming the refrigeration system. The temperature in the warehouse will gradually decrease through a slow way. Then we can evaluate the effect of cooling, why should we Slow cooling is actually due to certain reasons, so that the water contained in the construction project can be slowly drained toward the outside, which can also prevent the civil engineering from being damaged due to the sudden temperature drop or the freezing of water. Preventing the phenomenon of cold shrinkage caused by the rapid temperature drop, which results in the external wall structure of civil engineering being affected, is actually an important part of the installation process of low-temperature cold storage. Before the installation of the low-temperature cold storage, even we should have the corresponding understanding. For example, before charging the refrigerant, we must do a good job of vacuuming, so that we can check whether the system is tight, and it can also promote the cold storage. The air and moisture inside are discharged, and the nitrogen filling test should be done before the heat preservation. This is also a better way to deal with it. In fact, the building materials selected for each cold storage are also different, so we need to meet the cooling requirements. The speed is also different. This is a detail that we must master when installing the low-temperature cold storage. Refrigeration is operated for the first time when the low-temperature cold storage is installed. In the first step, the pressure difference will be used to charge nitrogen, the second step will provide proper liquid supply to the evaporator, and the third step will pass. A slow cooling operation, the fourth step will be an extremely fast cooling operation. At this time, it is necessary to verify the cooling effect. The general cooling effect of the freezer room is relatively good, and we can find that within a limited time , The evaporation temperature and the temperature of the warehouse can be quickly dropped to the normal range, and the cooling speed can also meet the requirements, the natural temperature rise in the warehouse is also relatively normal, and after the slow cooling, the walls of the warehouse are generally It is relatively dry and will not crack or deform.  When the low-temperature cold storage is installed, if the first cooling test can be carried out, then it can also provide a certain guarantee for the civil structure, so as to prevent the civil structure from being damaged due to the sudden drop in temperature.
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