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How to easily extend the Life of Cold Storage by 10 years

How to easily extend the Life of Cold Storage by 10 years


Some customers ask how to easily extend its life after they buy the cold storage room. Now tell you some methods to maintain the cold storage.

       1. Before use, check the instrument and unit parameters of various equipment-preventive effect.

  2. Strictly control the temperature in the cold storage room-some foods have strict requirements on the temperature of the cold storage room, and need to be below -25°C to maintain the flavor and taste, such as ice cream.

  3. Strictly waterproof-dirty water, sewage, and defrosting water will corrode the cold storage board, and may also cause icing to change the temperature in the storage and reduce the service life of the cold storage.

  4. The temperature in the warehouse is monitored from time to time, and the temperature and humidity are adjusted appropriately according to the needs of item storage. It is recommended that the unit adopts the Internet of Things technology, which can realize remote monitoring and historical data recording, avoid unnecessary losses, and control it anytime, anywhere.

  5. Defrost regularly and do a good job of ventilation. If you can’t defrost regularly, the unit equipment will freeze, and the cooling effect will decrease. In severe cases, the library will collapse due to overload.

  6. In addition to the automatic frosting of the unit, take the initiative to observe and actively defrost if necessary.


     7. Items should be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized before they are put in-can extend the shelf life of some items such as fruits and vegetables.

  8. Ensure environmental sanitation around the cold storage to avoid unnecessary cargo pollution and loss.

  9. Protect the floor and floor slabs to prevent damage to the freezing drum; avoid the cargo flat truck from touching the cold storage board.

    10. Do daily maintenance and overhaul.

      11. Regular cleaning: the ice, frost and stagnant water in the cold storage should be cleaned up in time and cleaned once a week.

    12. Regularly inspect and maintain various instruments.

     13. It is strictly forbidden to punch and drill on the cold storage board and the ground.

  14. Close the door when entering and leaving the cold storage, and the lighting system in the storage will be turned off as you go-energy saving and temperature control.

  15. It is best to sign a maintenance agreement with the original construction unit to regularly check and repair the equipment to ensure the safety of the goods and prolong the service life of the cold storage. Problems can be solved as soon as possible, reducing unnecessary losses and saving trouble.