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How to detect ultra-low temperature freezer is good or bad

In the 21st century, with the development of cryogenic technology, cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers also have sprung up, users in the face of an ultra-low temperature freezer, how should choose and buy?

cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers according to ten years of production experience summed up the six standard to test the stand or fall of cryogenic refrigerator:
1. Magnetic door the door is the door is closed: article has certain suction, exert certain pulling force to pull open, shut down automatically by suction. The door is closed, should not sewed.
  2. Startup performance: connected, when the power is cut off, ultra-low temperature freezer can start or stop the operation in a short time.
  3. Running noise: in a quiet environment, only heard a slight & other; Buzz throughout the &; The sound. In is about 1 meter distance from the refrigerator, should can't hear voice. Touch body, no obvious vibration.
  4. Refrigeration effect: start operation after 30 minutes, the door is opened, should have a uniform thin frost on the evaporator, dip in with finger touch water, finger should be & other; Sticky & throughout; The feeling of living.
  5. Thermostat performance: whether to adopt imported microcomputer temperature controller, accurate temperature control, digital display the temperature in the cabinet, beautiful and easy, easy to use, don't have to open the door to adjust and to check the temperature in the cabinet and working state.

6. Manufacturers strength, factory direct sale, after-sale guarantee, support, provide a solution.

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