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How to debug the cold water machine?

Here you will know, explain how to debug the cold water machine for you.

mechanism of cold water cooling system of condensing pressure as the pressure indicated by the high pressure table, with the absolute pressure, said check type out industrial ice machine thermodynamic properties are concerned. In general, condensation temperature higher than the inlet temperature of cooling water 5 - 7 ℃, higher than the forced ventilation cooling air inlet temperature 10 ~ 15 ℃. When the evaporation at constant temperature, condensation temperature, condensing pressure also increases, the compressor compression ratio increases, the gas transmission coefficient decreases, and the compressor refrigerating capacity is reduced, and the power consumption is increased. In addition, the condensing pressure, compression and exhaust temperature. If exhaust temperature is too high, it make the compressor lubricant is thinning, lubrication, when the exhaust temperature and the lubricating oil door close, will make part of the lubricating oil carbonization and accumulation in the exhaust valve, affect the valve's sealing, moreover, to all affect the valve plate, plate spring, etc.

according to JB/T4329 - in China 97 volume type cold water ( Heat pump) Standard chiller unit in the name of the condition for the cooling water inlet water temperature of 12 ℃, export water temperature 7 ℃, cooling water inlet temperature 30 ℃, export water temperature 35 ℃. So water chiller in the factory, the automatic control and protection components of the setting value, will keep chiller under nominal working condition running state. Due to improve the water temperature of the cold water to the unit efficiency. Run, under the condition of meet the requirements of the use of air conditioning, should as far as possible to improve the cold water out of the water temperature. If the actual use of long-term operation of the temperature of water is not 7 ℃, the order shall be indicated in the contract need cold water when the water temperature requirement. Therefore, in the actual operation of the unit, should according to the specific requirements of air conditioning object, but will increase or decrease the water temperature of the cold water. In general, low evaporation temperature than cold water out of the water temperature of 2 ~ 4 ℃, the evaporation temperature control in 3 ~ 5 ℃. For the evaporator cooling liquid medium, its evaporation temperature than is 4 ~ 6 ℃ low temperature cooling liquid medium.

in addition, the length of the compressor suction piping and bind up the stand or fall of the performance of the heat preservation material, the size of the right heat, also has certain influence. Breathe in general control in the refrigeration equipment of suction superheat temperature is 5 ~ 10 ℃, the set back to the heat exchanger of freon system suction superheat of 15 ℃ more appropriate. Operating in the running of the machine, therefore, must pay attention to the compressor suction temperature control, usually with the adjustment of the thermal expansion valve adjustment screw to adjust the size of the degree of superheat.
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