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How to deal with the salt water ice machine without deicing


   Do you know why the salt water cbfi ice machine does not de-ice? I believe that many users of ice machines do not take off the ice during the process of using the ice machine. This is usually the case of the captain for a few years. Then let’s understand that the salt water ice machine does not take off. How to deal with ice.

  1. The ice layer is very thin

   The ice layer is very thin, which usually prevents the ice from melting completely, forming a new Plate. In this way, the problem of 'the ice is too thin' can be solved. Adjust the ice thickness of the cbfi ice machine. If there is a screw, turn the screw inward to thicken the ice. In other words, the thicker the iron sheet of the probe, the farther away from the ice layer, and vice versa.

  2, the ice making equipment is too dirty

   Too dirty ice trays should be cleaned and used with detergent, generally used Wash the ice tray with grams and acid. This can effectively keep the ice tray clean.

  3. The cbfi ice machine can weld the ice plate or separate the metal and plastic edges of the ice plate.

  Take out one of the straps directly in front of the ice tray of the ice maker. If the reverse side of the copper pipe is not welded, please refer to the suggestions for replacing the ice tray. If it can be repaired, consider welding. If there are cracks in the metal and plastic parts of the ice tray, new cracked silica gel is needed to repair it.

  4. Condensation water problem

   Due to the high yield of condensate water, condensate water appears during defrosting. The water flow can be reduced by adjusting the pressure reducing valve.

  5. The defrost valve is not open

   If it is found that the defrost valve is not open, first connect 220V to the On the defrost valve, see if it can be opened. If it can be opened, the computer board is faulty. What can't be opened is the failure of the defrost valve. Replace the valve.

   The content explained above is related to how to deal with the salt water ice machine without deicing. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you still If you want to know more about the salt water ice maker, you can consult our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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