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How to deal with the cleaning and disinfection of the snowflake ice machine

When making ice, the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor into a high-pressure gas and enters the condenser. The condenser is condensed into a liquid and then flowed into the evaporator after being throttled by the expansion valve. The evaporator absorbs the heat of the water and becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure gas. The compressor absorbs and compresses, and the suction pressure gradually decreases with the formation of ice. The hot refrigerant vapor compressed by the compressor during the ice harvesting process of the Snowflake flows into the evaporator through the hot gas valve to heat the ice until the ice is separated from the evaporator and slips into the ice storage chamber, in order to ensure proper heat exchange and prevent The refrigerant liquid hammer compressor hot gas valve must be manufactured according to a certain size. Snowflake ice machine cleaning and disinfection To ensure the efficiency of snow ice making, this ice machine is equipped with a cleaning and disinfection procedure. The manufacturer's manual stipulates that it should be cleaned and disinfected every six months. If the water quality is poor, the ice machine should be performed once every four months. Clean and disinfect. When the ice machine of the Snowflake finishes the ice collection process and the ice cubes fall into the refrigerator, put the function switch in the 'cleaning' position, the ice machine will enter the cleaning program. At this time, the cleaning 'CLEAN' indicator lights up, and the cleaning program is in progress. At the beginning of 1 minute, when the water has completely flowed through the evaporator, pour 150ml of Magneto ice machine cleaning agent into the sink. The snowflake ice machine will wash for 10 minutes and then drain the water for 6 times of rinsing process and then clean the 'CLEAN' indicator. The entire process of turning off the cbfi ice machine and shutting down takes about 25 minutes. The disinfection procedure is the same as cleaning except that 90 ml of disinfectant is added. Snowflake ice maker can be set to automatically start the ice making program after cleaning and disinfection. 1 minute after the cbfi ice machine cleaning and disinfecting program starts, switch the function switch from the 'washing' position to the 'ice making' position, so that the ice maker is finished cleaning The ice making process will automatically start after the disinfection process. Turning on the cabinet switch when the function switch is set to the 'ice making' position will interrupt the cleaning and disinfection process. When the cabinet switch is closed, the cleaning and disinfection process will continue from the point of interruption. If the cleaning and disinfection program works for less than 45 seconds, turn the function switch to the 'off' position, the cleaning and disinfection program will be cancelled. If the cleaning and disinfection program works for more than 45 seconds, turn the function switch to 'off'-'ice making'-'off' The cleaning and disinfection process will also be cancelled.
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