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How to correctly choose cordyceps freeze-drying vendors would

Cordyceps sinensis drying methods are divided into: traditional dry, dry, dry, dry, dry, and high-tech content of freeze-dried. The drying effect is the most obvious - - Freeze-dried. So Chinese caterpillar fungus, the choose and buy the suitable Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze dryer is very important, basically have the following Suggestions:

a, Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying vendors would

cordyceps freeze-drying machine manufacturer is various, how to choose? To see the plant power, fixed number of year, the main direction. Conditional situation can the door. So can see real Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze drying machine equipment, and the situation of the factory. If unable to the door, also can choose to send a little caterpillar fungus freeze-dried samples, can also get a general idea of freeze-dried after effect.

2, Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying process

cordyceps sinensis may freeze drier some wise can imitate, but as Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying vendors would accumulate some experience is unable to imitate. How much time is long, if manufacturers do also some Chinese caterpillar fungus on the freeze-drying process experience. As the saying goes: the ginger is old spicy!

- in addition to offering our patent products - Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze drier, but also can provide Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying technology, can guarantee the effect of lyophilization. According to the requirements of users can also be locked freeze-drying process, a key to implement a simple start drying.
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