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How to cooling water machine for laser equipment matching

Laser equipment in use more high-end precision machinery industry, such as: aerospace equipment, precision instruments, such as industry, but how to maintenance has become a very important problem, cold water machine in the process of laser equipment protection is very big, it not only protect the CO2 laser tube, tube and YAG solid state laser crystal riot; Also make constant temperature inside the laser cavity output power stability, laser beam quality is consistent, the laser cavity without the guarantee of thermal deformation, etc. So cold water machine has very important application in the industry of laser and position.

to choose the appropriate cooling system can greatly improve the service life of the laser and the machining accuracy, and makes the performance of the laser equipment to the limit. However, the majority of users and manufacturers choose in for laser equipment cooling system often is vague concept, cause a lot of cold water machine can't accurately to do laser equipment used reasonable protection. If you have to cooling water machine for laser equipment matching user, please be sure to note the following key indicators: 1, refrigerating capacity; 2, the thermal efficiency; 3, the precision of temperature control; 4, water volume; 5, water flow; 6, booster pump head and water requirements and water filtration material and water cycle system. The demand of these indicators completely from the laser, and has a decisive effect on the choice of cooling water machine for laser!

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